welcome to tarcoola


tarcoola is the name of our property in the small rural town of Clarence Town, in the Lower Hunter Valley, NSW. On 7 acres, with a beautiful riparian wildlife corridor, we grow Australian wildflowers, seasonal blooms, native plants and a range of seasonal vegetables. Our newly created orchard will provide us with a variety of citrus, stone fruit, berries and more in the coming years. With backgrounds in Floriculture and Floristry and many years of experience growing our own food our produce is high quality and completely chemical free. We are members of the Wildflower Industry Network and the Australian Native Plant Society (ANPS).

Our roadside farmer’s market stall at our property gate is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 8-5pm with fresh wildlife posies, seasonal veggies, plants, homemade jam, local honey, dried flowers and seed pods, homemade body wash, scrub, gorgeous candles and more.

We have a menagerie of pets that are much loved & part of our family – cows, sheep, chooks, pigs, birds, dogs, and ducks. And since 2018 we have allowed areas on our property to naturally regenerate – areas adjacent to our wildlife corridor and dam, substantially increasing biodiversity and habitat for wildlife. We have seen a huge increase in bird life and wallabies during this time. This Spring, we will plant out an entire paddock with koala feed trees.

We are members of Land for Wildlife, Wildlife Land Trust, Habitat Stepping Stone, the first and currently only rural property in Clarence Town to join these organisations, and Hunter Region Landcare.

If you are interested in creating more habitat areas on your property there are many resources available online to help get you started. Here’s a few:

WildArk : How to create a wildlife habitat in your backyard

Backyard Buddies : Create a Habitat Haven 

Wires : Wildlife Friendly Gardens

tarcoola is a non local First Nations word that means river bend. We believe the name was chosen due to the lovely stream that runs through our property; tarcoola also reflects our proximity to the beautiful Williams River.